We officially visited refugee camps

Earlier this month September the Game Connect coordinator Brandon Katura from Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) together with the coaches’ representatives, kicked off with making visits in the different refugee camps around Kampala

The first visit was made to Acholi Quarters in Nakawa Division which was overseen by Youth Sport Uganda were Taekwondo sessions were being conducted by the coaches. This is one of the Settlements under the Game Connect Project.

Then on the 7th of September 2021, the UOC game connect coordinator Mr. Brandon Katura had an entry meeting in Rwamwanja settlement, Kamwenge District with the game connect coaches to discuss implementation and structuring of clubs in the area. These clubs after formation were to undergo training with the coaches, then after have competitions and followed by the identification and structuring of clubs in Rwamwanja. The games developed include, football, basketball, netball, volleyball and taekwondo.

These clubs will take part in inter community competitions at the end of the year. Rwamanja settlement had sport sessions of the above sports. Participants are aged between 15-24 years in this particular location.

Game Connect project is designed to harness transformative power of sport to improve mental health, psychosocial wellbeing of young refugees and host communities.

When it comes to Sport For Protection under the Game connect project, we help the youth gain improved skills and strategies to support their own mental health and psychosocial wellbeing and they apply these skills in their daily lives. They also make strong contributions to their communities.

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