UOC hit the “1000th” landmark in training Sport Admnistrators

Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) have to date hit a landmark figure of “1000” trained sports administrators during the recent graduation ceremony that took place at our offices in Lugogo. Some of whom were from Uganda Prisons and Kiryadongo UNHCR resettlement camp.

With reference to our strategic plan, the NOC set out a goal to develop the capacity building as a key performance indicator.
Having identified our interest in Capacity Building, we set two individuals Mr. Lawrence Kavuma and Mr. George Wagoogo in 2013 to train as Program Directors. With their commitment to the fulfilment of our objectives and goals. During the SAC intake of August 7 – 9 2018, we hit the 1000 participant (Mr. Thomas Okedi from Uganda Woodball Federation) landmark of trained sports administrators, a milestone that strongly indicates the achievement attained as an organization in the improvement of knowledge, skills and performance in the Uganda Sports sector through Capacity Building.

To date out of our 1070 participants we have 628 women and 442 men. We have had a total of 12 Sport Administration Courses (SACs) and 6 Advanced Sports Management Courses (ASMCs).

A total of 746 are from member federations while 324 are from nonmember organizations like the government and non-Governmental organizations.

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