UOC held an extra ordinary general assembly and UOC council meeting.

On the 3rd of October 2020, Uganda Olypmic Committee/ common wealth games association of Uganda held its council meeting and also its extra ordinary general meeting. The meeting was being conducted both online via zoom and physical as a way of preventing congestion as the UOC/CGAU offices due to the existing pandemic covid 19. The meeting was being attended by executive members of UOC, commissions and federations/ associations. The executive members that attended the meeting include the following: Mr. William Blick(president UOC/CGAU andIOC member),Ms. Beatrice Ayikoru (2nd Vice president, Tech UOC/CGAU),Dr. Donald Rukare (Secretary General UOC /CGAU) Mr. Dunstan Nsubuga (Assistant Secretary General UOC /CGAU)  Haji Sadik Nasiwu, Mrs. Sheila A. Richardson, Ms. Sanyu Sharifah, Mr. Moses B Mwase,and  Mr. Ganzi Mugula Thirty eight members from UOC secretariat, commissions and federations were physically present, while twenty three attended online and only two were absent with apology.

The Council meeting commenced at 9:30 Am and ended at 11:25am on the 3rd October and thereafter the Extra ordinary Assembly of UOC set off at 11:30AM the prime objective of the extra ordinary assembly was to appoint a returning officer for the UOC/CGAU election in 2021.

The Secretary General informed the members that pursuant to Article 13.9.3 of the Uganda Olympic Committee Constitution 2019 a returning officer or impartial body shall be appointed to conduct elections.

The SG noted that the Executive Committee in its meeting held on 2 September 2020 proposed Mr. Sim Katende a re-known Advocate working with one of Kampala’s leading law firms Katendea, Ssempembwa Advocates. Mr. Sim Katendes resume was presented to the members.


The members unanimously voted to appoint Mr. Sim Katende the returning officer for the UOC/CGAU 2021 election. No vote against and no abstention. The SG reported that the electoral guidelines which will be extrapolated from the UOC Constitution will be provided to the members. The SG noted that members should endeavor to hold their Annual General Assemblies most of which may have been affected by COVID-19. He noted that members should adhere to their constitutions despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The chair noted that the IOC had provided guidance on the issue of holding AGM especially those that were due after the postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. An option to hold elective AGMs after the games in 2021 was provided as longer as it did not breach the respective National Olympic Committees Constitutions.   In the case of the UOC the elective AGM will be held in 2021 in accordance

The chair thanked all the members for their attendance of the extra ordinary General Assembly. There being no other business the meeting was closed at 11.50 am.

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