UOC conducts induction for its newly appointed commission members

UOC organized and took part in the appointment of various members from different national federations and Associations in the various commissions.

The members from the different National Federations and associations were nominated by their federations. They went through a verification process and finally appointed into the various commissions. In the different commissions, the presidents, secretaries and members were appointed and each commission was accorded got an executive liaison. The executive liaison of each commission is from the UOC Executive Board.  

On sturdy 8th May 2021, the UOC organized an induction session for the newly appointed commission members from all the various commissions. Two session were organized and there were two sessions organized in the morning and afternoon time of 8th May 2021. The event was successful as various members turned up and crowned the day. UOC wishes the newly appointed commission members the best of luck in their endeavors.

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