Understanding the game connect life skills

Under the Game Connect Project life skill is a must have, these young youth are given a chance to express themselves as they learn and get to apply what they have learnt in their day-to-day life activities.

Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable youth to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Described in this way, many skills can be considered to be life skills, and the nature and
definition of life skills are likely to differ across many different cultures and settings.

And since we deal with refugees from different backgrounds, we as Game Connect try as much as possible to make these young refugees understand that through sport there is a lot of ability one can get.

As the trainings are still on going in these different settlements in areas of Acholi quarters Nakawa division , Makyindye division, Rwamwanja kawenge district, Lamwo with different zones respectively. The youth in these places
have picked up a lot from Basketball, Volleyball, taekwondo and football. These life skills truly move hand in hand with one’s life activities and here this project through sport helps one achieve them. The Game Connect Project has 7 life skills that were designed and are being put into implementation.

The first case is Citizenship & Accountability: Attitudes and beliefs that contribute to your sense of responsibility to yourself and others.

Secondly we have, Conflict Resolution: here we majorly talk about the ability to have a social interaction with others with one common goal of peace, bringing about love understanding the problem , positivity, sharing at all costs before and after solving the problem.

Coping with Emotions and Stress: Adding to the fact these refugees come from different places and are put in these settlements with totally different people to cop up with. So this involves understanding how others behave including
yourself. Getting to know how and when their emotions are triggered once offended, once someone gets to know how to apply and respond to their feelings towards one is very important . Same applies to stress management, how situations attack you here and there and being able to act upon control of stress.

Decision-Making & Problem Solving: Decision-making helps you deal constructively with decisions about your life. These young refugees are so fresh to knowing what they want in life take for example when playing football, a
player is able to know where to kick the ball, the direction its taking to the next player it may even be a goal scored once calculated well. All in all, a problem is made once a decision is made in their different ways in life.

Empathy and Goal setting; The ability to imagine what life is like for another person for example those that are in critical conditions, crippled, even in a situation that you may not be familiar with. The ability to identify something you want to accomplish and making a realistic plan to achieve it.

Relationship Building: Effective relationships require mutual trust. To develop mutual trust, youth need to develop skills to: Respect others, show empathy, know how to communicate an cooperate with others, as well as how to negotiate challenging situations with others.

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