Uganda Swimming Federation Organized DSTV Aquatics Excellence Awards

USF organised the DSTV Aquatics Excellence Awards  on the 15th February, 2020 which was hosted by GEMS CIK which the Sports Minister, Hon. Denis Hamson OBUA was chief guest.

Many Swimmers and other people were nominated. Congratulations to all those were nominated and the following emerged as the eventual winners:

1) Water Polo Team: Alton Swim Club,

2) Female Coach: Carrie KARUGIREYO (Silverfin),

3) Male Coach: Muzafaru MUWANGUZI (Dolphins),

4) Primary School: Greenhill Academy,

5) Secondary School: Greenhill Academy,

6) Club: Dolphins Swim Club,

7) Female Open Water Swimmer: Ahura A. AMBALA,

8) Male Open Water Swimmer: Adnan A. KABUYE,

9) Female Masters Swimmer: Aya NAKITANDA,

10) Male Masters Swimmer: Gilbert KABURU,

11) Inspirational Athlete: Husnah KUKUNDAKWE,

12) Female Swimmer: Kirabo NAMUTEBI

13) Male Swimmer: Atuhaire O. AMBALA

Meritorious Awards: Mr. Gabriel J.W. OLOKA and Mr. Nicholas Onegi p’MINGA

Congratulatory Awards: Mr. William BLICK, IOC Member and Dr. Donald RUKARE, Chairperson NCS

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