Team Body, will and mind emerge as champions for the Olympic Debate Champs 2018

The Uganda Olympic committee (UOC) under its culture and education commission organised the fourth edition of the Olympic Values Debate championship 2018 at the Gems Cambridge International Kampala on the 24th of February 2018. The tournament saw 25 schools grouped in five Olympic values i.e. pursuit of excellence, fair play, joy of effort, respect and the balance of body will and mind tussled it out in the marketplace of ideas of Olympism and the true spirit of sport. The values comprised different schools from across the country where discussions about the contemporary issues in sport were being discussed. These included technology, multi-national representation, gender sensitivity in sport among others were debate about by the young minds.

The event attracted different media houses in Kampala as they interviewed the students and teachers on the relevance of this initiative to the young people and to their institutions for better holistic development of the young people.

The event saw team Body will and mind emerge as the overall champions at the tournament and the Aga Khan High School awarded the accolade for best performing school. The event saw the winners walk away with hampers courtesy of the UOC and a trophy to their name. The UOC remains committed to promoting of the Olympic values and empowering young minds to nurture their talents in both active and mental sports in this country.

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