Sport and play under the game connect project

As we are all aware these games bring life to these young youth so it instils a sense of playfulness. These youth being at an age that requires a lot of energy, this project has a lot in stock for these young youth.

The project’s outcome areas are; Social inclusion, Social Cohesion and psychosocial wellbeing, these three areas tackle around the lives of these refugees.

Games like tag rugby, dance, volleyball, football and taekwondo among others are great sports and easy to adapt with and thus is where the play comes in. these youth leave their homes as far as they can be with an intention of sport and play, as soon as the coaches and trainers reach the playing grounds activities.

With all the new games implementation in these refugee Settlements, the coaches engage with the youth, guide them on how the games are played. End year awaits competition that will determine how and what these children have learnt from the training.

Adapting the play code of sport and play, it all starts with the mind. These children having coming from different family backgrounds and being refugees in Uganda, we want them to have a sense of belonging through Sport and eventually they blend in with play activities for both boys and girls.

As the Game Connect project aims at improving psychosocial wellbeing and mental health for refugees in these four districts in Uganda, I believe through sport and play those goal is achieved.

Access to sports can enrich the lives of these refugees as they participate in the different games, bond, support, and discriminate each other, learn skills that will last them a life time to also contribute to their communities.

This alone boosts mental health and help gain confidence. We as Game Connect use sport to create safe and protective environments where everyone can discover their potential.

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