Advanced Sport Management Course Online Trial

UOC organized an online engagement of ASMC participants on 17th of June 2020. The meeting was attended by UOC president Mr. William Blick, UOC secretary General Dr. Donald Rukare among others.  The program director Mr. George Wagoogo moderated the session and different people gave their views on how best ASMC classes could be conducted from online.

He briefed the audience on his experience as a practicing sports physician in Uganda, challenges faced, achievements throughout the decades and was impressed to see young ambitious sports scientists and medical professionals unite for recognition.

The UOC President, Mr. William F Blick, also an International Olympic Committee member, officially opened the session. He highlighted that sports medicine played a pivotal role in supporting the health and performance of elite athletes in Uganda and expressed delight in future collaborations, particularly in research, which was a persistently missed opportunity for the sports fraternity.

Dr. Nakitanda provided the background of athletes needs in Uganda, on which the basis of the USSM was formed. The scope of the activities included advocacy, education, research and consultancy. She emphasized the need to streamline sports medicine practice in Uganda, promote professionalism and ethical practice, as well as initiate platforms/collaborations for scientific research development in Uganda.

Dr. Nakitanda raised a question on how the selection criteria for medical professionals for major events would operate. Dr. Rukare responded that NCS/UOC relied solely on recommendations from member sport federations’ integrity and team selection criteria. As of June 2020, only 25% of sport federations had team selection policies, thus, the urgency for sport leaders to establish these.He committed full support from NCS and UOC in supporting athlete welfare, safeguarding and teamwork with USSM to support these athlete medical needs.

 PT Priscilla raised concern for the lack of research in sports in Uganda and questioned how this area could be improved. Dr. Rukare pointed out that through collaborations with institutions such as medical training schools, universities and international partners such as IOC, this could be achieved.

Mr. Sam Muwonge, President of Uganda Cycling Association, gave a closing prayer, after which, Dr. Rukare officially closed the meeting at 1405hrs.

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