2nd Online Sports Administrators Course (SAC) conducted by UOC.

Between the 5th and 7th of October 2020, UOC/CGAU organized and facilitated the 2nd online Sports Administrators Course online via zoom. The classes usually commenced in the mornings till 4:00pm. UOC/CGAU registered a total of forty two (42) participants from different sports institutions and federations. The course is annually organized and facilitated by UOC/CGAU with the prime objective of capacity building of different staff in the sports administration field.  Some of the facilitators of the course were; Mr. Robert Bwali who facilitated module one which was introduction to olympism, Mr. William Blick (President UOC/ CGAU and IOC member) facilitated module two which was management of skills. Module three was facilitated by MS. Annet Nakamya and was on values and issues. Management of resources was facilitated by Mr. Lutalo Godwin. On the third day participants studied till 1:00pm and were left to prepare for the online examinations which were done on schoology. Although online examinations were being conducted online it is important to note that pareticipants stuill studied and covered the following modules: Management of activities by Mr. Eddie Mbaalya. Mr Elijah Njawuzii, took the participants through the schoology website and how to submit their examinations upon completion. 4:00pm on schoolgy website, the participants attempted the examination and that marked the end of the three days second online Sports administrators course. The triumphant participants are thus waiting for further communication from UOC/CGAU on the date of picking their certificates. Thanks go to the Programme director Mr. Wagoogo George, Mr. Elijah Njawuzii, Mr. Jonathan Wangolo who kept on coordinating the course online and the entire staff at UOC/CGAU for making this a success.

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