UOC President William Blick nominated for an IOC member slot

The Uganda Olympic Committee President William Blick has been nominated for election at the IOC Session ahead of the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in October.

William Blick who also happens to be the current President of the ANOCA Zone V, Member of the ANOCA Games Coordination Commission and member of the IOC Marketing commission together with Felicite Rwemalika the 1st Vice-President of the Rwandan Olympic Committee and Sports Committee were amongst the nine new proposed members.

Four of the nine new proposed Members, in accordance with the Olympic Charter, are representatives of the constituents of the Olympic Movement: the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), the International Federations (IFs) and organizations recognized by the IOC. These four have been chosen in close consultation with the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) and the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF).

The nine candidates are include:

Five proposed Individual Members:

  1. Daina GUDZINEVICIUTE (Female, Lithuania, President of the Lithuanian Olympic Committee, 23.12.1965)
  2. Felicite RWEMARIKA (Female, Rwanda, 1st Vice-President of the Rwandan Olympic Committee, 09.03.1958)
  3. Camilo PÉREZ LÓPEZ MOREIRA (Male, Paraguay, President of the Paraguayan Olympic Committee, 31.03.1969)
  4. Giovanni MALAGO (Male, Italy, President of the Italian Olympic Committee, 13.03.1959)
  5. Samira ASGHARI (Female, Afghanistan, 31.03.1994)

Two proposed Members whose candidatures are linked to a function within an NOC or world or continental association of NOCs:

  1. William Frederick BLICK (Male, Uganda, President of the Ugandan Olympic Committee, 17.10.1974)
  2. HRH Prince Jigyel Ugyen WANGCHUCK (Male, Bhutan, President of the Bhutanese Olympic Committee, 16.07.1984)

Two proposed Members whose candidatures are linked to a function within an IF or association of IFs, or an organisation recognised by the IOC:

  1. Morinari WATANABE (Male, Japan, President of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), 21.02.1959)
  2. Andrew PARSONS (Male, Brazil, President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), 10.02.1977)

The addition of nine new Members will bring the total number of IOC Members to 106. The 133rd IOC Session is scheduled to take place from 8 to 9 October 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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