UOC organised the protection of the Clean Athlete Campaign

The Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) under it’s Medical Commission organized the 1st National Conference on the Protection of the Clean Athlete under the theme ‘The Clean Athlete Campaign.’

This two (2) day event took place at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel from the 28th to the 29th of July 2017. The conference targeted the different sports federations in Uganda alongside Higher institutions of learning  with civil societies as well as the armed Forces as being the lead nursery for national and international athletes.

These were selected due to their impeccable performance in the sports sector and they had many young people take part in sport at all levels of competition. The conference sought to have a dialogue on how best the different stakeholders can use their jurisdiction to promote clean practices in the various sports disciplines. They were also equipped with sports medicine and Anti-Doping science knowledge from the medical commission.

Presentations from different facilitators in leading bodies on issues such as match fixing, doping and substance abuse, betting and sexual abuse in sport today were made. These are pertinent issues that have affected sport in Uganda today. The conference sought to create awareness among the stakeholders on how best to fight these practices for the sustainability of the games for the generations to come.

The Conference also hoped to have the athletes get and remain in good shape both mentally and physically as the dangers of substance abuse was addressed by those in charge. It also equipped the institutional sports officers and coaches on how best to manage these athletes in terms of social behaviour which influences their productivity in the sports.

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