On March 1st, 2023, the UOC Media Commission hosted a Media Clinic Program with the theme “A Journalist as a Spearhead in Promoting Olympic Sports.” The event aimed to empower journalists with the skills and knowledge required to promote Olympic sports through factual reporting and highlighting the values of the games.

The program consisted of several sessions, with each session focused on a critical aspect of promoting Olympic sports. The first session focused on factual reporting at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games (CWG). Accurate and balanced reporting was emphasized, and the importance of avoiding controversies was highlighted.

The second session focused on women in sports and the role of National Olympic Committees (NOCs) in promoting gender equity. Journalists were encouraged to create equal opportunities for women in sports and to highlight the achievements of women in various sporting disciplines.

The third session focused on Olympic values and the role of the secretariat at NOC. Journalists were encouraged to promote the values of excellence, respect, and friendship and to highlight the various initiatives undertaken by NOCs to promote these values.

The fourth session focused on the athlete at the games. Journalists were encouraged to focus on the challenges that athletes face, both on and off the field, and to highlight their struggles and achievements. Lesser-known sports and athletes were emphasized, and journalists were encouraged to provide them with the exposure they deserve.

The final session focused on the officials and dignitaries at the games. Journalists were encouraged to highlight the positive contributions made by officials and dignitaries in ensuring the success of the games.

In conclusion, the UOC Media Commission’s Media Clinic Program provided valuable insights into the role of journalists in promoting Olympic sports and equipped journalists with the skills and knowledge required to fulfill this role. Accurate and balanced reporting, promoting gender equity, and upholding the values of excellence, respect, and friendship were emphasized. The program was an excellent opportunity for journalists to network, learn, and contribute to promoting the values of the Olympic games.

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