UOC held the National Workshop on the Sustainable Sport and Environment Toolkit

The Uganda Olympic Committee through its Sustainability in Sport Commission held a National Workshop on the Sustainable Sport and Environment Toolkit that was held on the 27 – 28 April 2018 at Torino Restaurant in Lugogo. The Workshop was meant to address the rate of poor waste management, lack of environmental responsibility within the Ugandan sports community, especially at the fields of play which is very alarming. The UOC is also concerned with the impact that sport can have on the environment, individuals and the public, as well as the impact a degraded environment can have on Sport. As the custodian of the values of Olympism in Uganda, the UOC is committed to influencing the Sports community in Uganda to change the way they leave the field of play, and live, by encouraging them to adopt policies and operations aimed at sustainability through their daily social, economic and environmental spheres. Appreciating that the resolution of the Centennial Olympic Congress, Paris 1994 that the third pillar of Olympism is environment, the UOC developed the ‘Sustainable Sport & Environment Toolkit’ in August 2015.

The Toolkit sets out standards aimed at spreading the concept and ideas of sustainability, and encourage people within the sports community to act responsibly. It sets out policies and guidelines, a practical approach through which the sports infrastructure, as well as raising awareness on environmental concerns.

Recognizing that athletes need a healthy environment in which to train and perform at their optimum, the UOC established a Working group comprising of representatives of National Federations, the academia, public authorities responsible for environmental protection and conservation, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and twinned with our Sport & Environment Commission, to resolve on a practical guide for the Sports community on how to realise the effort. Ultimately, the ‘Sustainable Sport & Environment Toolkit’.

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