UOC held its 2018 annual general assembly

The Uganda Olympic Committee/ Commonwealth Games Association of Uganda held its Annual General Meeting that was held on February 10, 2018 at their offices in Lugogo. The President welcomed delegates to the Annual General Meeting and in his remarks noted that:

The UOC Constitution had been amended to include the Commonwealth Games Association of Uganda (CGAU) and the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) had approved the revised Constitution as had the IOC in principle. He went ahead to welcome the Uganda Netball Federation and Uganda Squash Rackets Association to the UOC/CGAU family.

He further noted that 2017 was a successful year for the Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) as will be highlighted in the 2017 annual report and noted that on a sad note we had lost a number of colleagues such as Mr. Godfrey Nuwagaba former UOC Treasurer, Mr. Michael Mungoma former President of the Uganda Shooting Federation and Mr. Grace Seruwagi former National Boxing Coach and Olympian. A minute of silence was observed in remembrance of our dear departed colleagues.

The Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) had conducted over 30 activities in 2017 as compared to about 20 in 2016. The UOC had registered notable improvement and achievements in partnerships, commission activities, capacity building, and communication with members and meetings with members. Over 250 people had been trained in 2017 with programs in Eastern, Northern, Western and Central Uganda. The President noted that partnerships with the Italian and French Embassies has also been concluded in 2017 with for example holding the of the French-Uganda week celebrations and support to a primary school in Kireka.

On addition, he noted that we are rated among the top National Olympic Committees (NOC) in Africa by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) which was a positive testament to be done by the secretariat, commission and members.

Among the other issues that were debated on was a motion to permit the UOC Executive Committee to admit new members was moved by a delegate from Uganda Canoe/Kayak Federation and supported by all delegates. It was agreed that the UOC Executive Committee would vet and admit provisional members in this respect.

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