The Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC)/Commonwealth Games Association of Uganda (CGAU) held a council meeting on Saturday, December 17th, 2022, at the UOC offices. The meeting which was both in-person and online was attended by delegates from member National Federations and Associations.

During the meeting, the chair, Mr. Dunstan Nsubuga welcomed members to the meeting and highlighted on the current situation. He mentioned the new sports law and the increased funding and scrutiny in the sector, urging members to be more organized and ensure compliance with the law.

He further provided updates on the performances of Ugandan athletes in various events and acknowledged the efforts of the Federations and Associations in developing and promoting their sports. He also thanked the Secretariat for their hard work in keeping the activities of the UOC/CGAU running smoothly.

The minutes from the previous council meeting were then reviewed, with no matters arising.

The Secretariat report was presented next by the Secretary General, Mrs. Beatrice Ayikoru, who highlighted the key activities of the UOC Secretariat in the past period. These included meetings attended, the upgrading of the NOC website, the establishment of an Athlete Management System, scholarship updates, and communication with other organizations.

She provided updates on the international relations of the UOC/CGAU, including courtesy calls and networking events such as a visit by the Minister of State for Education and Sports, the Sports Coalition to Refugees webinar, and a state luncheon hosted by the President for sports delegations at Statehouse.

She also presented updates on athlete development, including scholarship and support opportunities for various sports, as well as the progress of the Dream project for skating athletes.

The financial report was then presented, detailing the financial status of the UOC/CGAU. The report included information on the income and expenses for the period, as well as the current financial position of the organization.

The meeting concluded with the Games updates, where an update in preparation for the various upcoming games was provided. Overall, the council meeting was productive, with important updates and discussions on the current state and future of sports in Uganda.

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