The Uganda Olympic Committee held its 7th graduation ceremony on 31st January 2023 in Lugogo, Kampala, to recognize and award the participants who completed the diploma in Advanced Sports Management Course (ASMC) and a certificate in Sports Administrators Course (SAC). The ceremony was a significant milestone for the 374 participants, including 229 men and 145 women, who completed the courses in 2022.

The Sports Administrators Course produced 199 men and 111 women, while the ASMC produced 30 men and 44 women. These courses are aimed at promoting gender equality and empowering sport administrators of National Olympic Committees (NOCs), National Federations (NFs), and other bodies responsible for the development of sports in their countries. The courses, under the auspices of the Olympic Solidarity, help the administrators to work efficiently and happily within the sports and Olympic movements.

During the graduation ceremony, the President of the Uganda Olympic Committee, Dr. Donald Rukare, addressed the graduates and emphasized the importance of translating what they learned into practice in their respective clubs, schools, and federations. He also congratulated the women who qualified, as empowering women in sports is one of the strategic objectives of the UOC.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) member, Mr. William Blick, also addressed the graduates and thanked them for participating in the course. He acknowledged the gap in the sports industry and the need for structured courses to better equip sports administrators. He expressed his hope that the graduates would use the knowledge they acquired to develop their capacities and make Uganda one of the best sporting nations in Africa, if not in the world.

In conclusion, the 7th graduation ceremony of the Uganda Olympic Committee was a significant milestone for the graduates who completed the ASMC and SAC courses. The ceremony recognized their efforts and emphasized the importance of using their newfound knowledge to improve the sports industry in Uganda. The IOC and UOC expressed their hope that the graduates would be the driving force behind a better future for sports in the country.

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