Sport for Protection Consortium in Uganda Programme Planning and Development Workshop

The workshop took place from the 4th to 5th of March, 2020 at Sheraton Hotel, Kampala-Uganda. Participant organisations included; AVSI Foundation, Right to Play Uganda, UNHCR Uganda, UOC and Youth Sport Uganda.

The Workshop Objectives included:

  • Build a cohesive partnership/consortium through active participation in the Workshop
  • Define problem statement(s) and consequences, and outline solutions in a Results Framework, setting common long-term impact goals, outcomes and outputs, as well as their indicators, data sources and assumptions
  • Agree on respective roles and responsibilities in the development of the proposal and delivery of the programme
  • Obtain consensus on the way forward (including timelines, milestones and deadlines)

Day 1:

Morning: Setting the scene, partner introductions, context analysis, problem statement

Afternoon: Results Chain: a refresher. Draft Results Framework.

Day 2:

Morning: Completing the Draft Results Framework with indicators and assumptions

Afternoon: Project Proposal presentation, roles and responsibilities, way forward.

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