Online celebrations of the olympic day on 23rd June 2020

UOC held an online zoom celebration of the Olympic day on the 23rd of June, 2020 at 11am which was also live to Sanyuka TV with a theme move, learn and discover.

The session was moderated by Ganzi Semu Mugula Oly, the Chairperson of the UOC Athletes Commission & Uganda Olympians Association, 2012 London Olympic Games Team Captain and Executive Board member at the Uganda Olympic Committee.

The guest speaker was H.E Mustapha Berraf an IOC member and President of the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA). Other speakers included; Halima Nakaayi Oly, 2019 Women World Champion in the 800m, Mrs. Sanyu Lydia Dhamuzungu, Chef de mission (CDM) of the first Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) beach games in Doha & President of the Uganda Hockey Federation and Mr. Michael Wokorach, African Rugby Sevens champion.

The UOC joined the rest of the Olympic family to celebrate Olympic Day and an online aerobic session was held said UOC President Mr. William Blick. He added that we are going to provide support to those who we think have a chance of qualifying for the games and at the height of the lockdown, we gave athletes assistance of Shs 1.5m each and also extended some money to some of their coaches.

ANOCA President H. E Mustapha Berraf noted that from ANOCA, we are at your disposal and we are going to do our best to have the highest participation from Africa. We have a number of funds put out to help athletes participate and win medals in Tokyo

Olympic Day is special to me as a person as I am exposed to unity and diversity and Olympics is a stage for all sports, all people and all races said Lydia Dhamuzungu, President Uganda Hockey Federation

Haliima Nakaayi noted that sports can communicate something worldwide for example our national stadium ‘Mandela Stadium’ was named after a former President of South Africa and whenever it is in use, there is a way he is recognized. As Wokorach added that personally he has never been at the Olympic games but it is something he wants to achieve before he can retire from active sport.

It was also on the same day that the Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) entered into a partnership with the next media services to join efforts to promote UOC activities on the next media service platforms.

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