OLYMPAFRICA CEO visits the OLYMPAFRICA youth centre

On Sunday 9th of March, 2020, the Chief Executive Officer of Olympafrica international foundation Mr. Alassane Thierno Diack had a short courtesy visit to our centre in Busia.

He arrived at 11:15am accompanied by the Olympafrica Commission Chairperson Mr. Wandera Michael and Mr. Yayiro Kasasa Chairperson Talent Identification Commission. They arrived safely and were welcomed by the Director of the centre Mugerwa Mustafa, Pastor Byansi Moris, the Deputy District Kadhi of Busia – Sheikh Abdurrahmaan Yusuf Mikisa and Mr. Maloba Gilbert Volunteer Olympafrica centre.

Mr. Diack started by thanking the Organizers of his visit. He said; “He came with dual purposes- 1-for the ANOCA meeting and to visit the progress of the centre. He continued by saying that the Director of the centre Mr Mustafa is ranking in the first five (5) directors of Africa in terms of service delivery. He told the gathering that the centre is neither his nor Mustafa but it is for the benefit of the community.

They have to work together and develop their centre. His only work is to sign on the cheques approved for developing activities. Our work is to visit also these old established centers to develop them further.

He concluded by saying “Ears on the ground to hear what will be coming”.

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