The Game Connect coach training and structuring program for sports clubs in refugee settlements has been a success, resulting in the creation of structured sports clubs in four different settlements: Adjumani, Rwamwanja, Kyangwali, and Palabek. The coaches who participated in this program played an important role in supporting the social cohesion and psychosocial wellbeing of the young refugee youth involved in these clubs.

As peer leaders, the coaches served as role models for the youth and provided them with valuable training and guidance. The program, run by the consortium partners of Game Connect, focuses on three main outcomes: improving the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of the youth, developing strong social networks and connections with diverse groups, and promoting the use of sport as a tool for protection at the district level.

Sport for protection activities, such as those implemented by Game Connect, have been shown to be effective in enhancing young people’s skills and assets, providing them with leadership experience, and connecting them with capable mentors. These activities also support the development of important life skills in areas such as social inclusion and psychosocial wellbeing. Overall, the success of the Game Connect program demonstrates the potential of sport as a means of promoting the wellbeing of young refugee youth.

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